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Kenai Peninsula Housing Initiatives - A Community Housing Development Organization

Through quality housing and effectively administered programs, KPHI and its partners offer clients a solid foundation on which to further build the overall quality of their lives. This also strengthens our communities.

Communities desiring strong healthy families and a stable workforce must have a sufficient supply of quality housing. Stable affordable housing allows families to establish long-term community involvement. Children can attend a singular school system from kindergarten through 12th grade. Elders maintain vital links to their community.

Join KPHI and its partners today.

An investment in KPHI is an investment in vibrant, sustainable communities on the Kenai Peninsula.

construction siteContributions to KPHI may be made through the new PFD charitable check-off opportunity, “Pick. Click. Give.” Many of us have benefited from living in Alaska. By selecting KPHI for a charitable contribution when applying online for your PFD, you have the opportunity to share those benefits with the less fortunate in our communities. Even a small donation makes a big impact! Your gift will be gratefully acknowledged and a written receipt provided. Contributions are tax-deductable to the extent allowed by law for the calendar year in which they are made.    More ways to help..